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2013 Wine Label Winners Announced!

A word from our judge:

Dear Mr.  Zuchero,
Thank you for the honor of judging the Tin Lizzie Wine Label
Congratulations to all.  You have expressed the fundamental
enjoyment of making wine. I know you will enjoy the fruits of
your labor even more when you uncork your product!
I looked for a label that depicted the enjoyment of winemaking
and expressed it BOLDLY.
All labels were fun and expressive; some had the name and the name of
the winery flipped top to bottom. Some had an outstanding concept and
demure graphics.  Some had two concepts.  A common feature was
the overall fun and enjoyment that shined through.
Here are my humble preferences.
1st place:  Got my Barbera!  The Girls who Swirl
2nd place: Unforgettable Wines  Lamm group
3rd place:  Keep Calm And Call Your Mom,  James group

Honorable Mention
2013 Happy Harmony Merlot, Ferraro group
Original Zin, Halsor group
M+, Scholsberg group
ROAD TO NOWHERE, Keats group
Stay Thirsty My Friends,
J. Carlton French