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Announcing: Spring Winemaking Sessions with Chilean Grapes!

Greetings winemakers!

Every few years I lose my mind and agree to make wines from the wonderful grapes of Chile.  I've told my wife Denise that if I ever said I'd do it again that she should hit me upside the head with a 2X4.  Well, she's taking her practice swings right now!

We've made some lovely wines from South American grapes.  We've gotten rave reviews on our Carménère (the lost Bordeaux grape) and Malbec, as well as our Left and Right Bank Bordeaux style blends made from Chilean grapes and Pinot Noir.

To find out which grapes are available and interesting wines you can make with them, click here:  2016 Chilean Grapes and Blends.pdf

To find out more about these Chilean grapes and where they come from, click here: Curico wine grapes.pdf

Pricing is at our Super Premium level:

Sessions start in early May.

If you think you might be interested in our spring winemaking sessions, drop me a note at

If we get enough response, we'll do it again this year!  And I'll put on my motorcycle helmet as Denise starts swinging that 2X4!