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Praise for Our Pinot!

I just received this email from one of our winemakers:

"Just wanted to tell you a true story. We we're having a wine dinner a couple weeks ago for 18 people. All very knowledgable winos.  And with the duck confit salad I blind poured 2011 Kosta Browne and our Beckstoffer Pinot [made at Tin Lizzie]. The vote without seeing labels was split exactly 50/50. All that to say...well done my friend, well done indeed!!"

"Meh," you might say?  Only 50% picked the Tin Lizzie Pinot over the Kosta Browne Pinot? Big deal, you say?  BIG DEAL indeed! Kosta Browne Pinot Noir was selected as the best wine of 2011 by Wine Spectator!  Let me repeat that: THE BEST WINE OF THE YEAR!  Fifty percent of a wine-knowledgable dinner party picked our wine over wine from a company has made the best wine of 2011!  OMG!  Kinda makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.  Ain't garages amazing?