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Fall 2013 Wines -- Session 3: Racking and Sampling February 22 and 23!

Join us for the racking and tasting of the fall 2013 wines!  If you made wine with us last fall, this is your chance to taste your creation.  We'll be open from 9 am to 3 pm Saturday and Sunday February 22 and 23.  Stop in any time to help rack a barrel and taste your wine.

What is racking?

The third step in the winemaking process, racking, is going up in February.  Racking is the first step in the wine clarification process.  At this time, your wine is fairly clear, with a layer of sediment or "lees" on the bottom and sides of the barrel.  During racking, you will pump the clear wine into a clean barrel, leaving behind the sediment.  The barrel with the sediment will be power washed and the next wine will be pumped into it.

But the best part of this step is sampling.  Although only  four months old, the wines will be very young but quite tasty.  This is your first opportunity to taste the new wine.