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Choose from Three Great Winemaking Packages

We offer three levels of winemaking packages to meet you tastes and pocketbook.

The Premium Winemaking Package

Just want to get your feet wet?  Try our Premium selection of wine grapes from Central Valley and Lodi California.  For a less than $14 a bottle you can make wines equal to those costing twice as much in the store.  These are lovely tables wines that are great for everyday enjoyment.

The Super Premium Winemaking Package

Want to kick it up a notch?  Make wine from our Super Premium selection of grapes from Suisun, Amador, Paso Robles and other California regions, as well as from special order Maryland grapes.  For only about $19 a bottle you can be kicking back with wines equal to those costing $25 or more in the wine store.

The Ultra Premium Winemaking Package

Only want the best?  Try making wine from our Ultra Premium selection of grapes imported direct from our fields at the award-winning Stagecoach Vineyards, Napa, CA.  Many top notch California wineries make wine from these grapes.  Now you can make these award-winning wines for as little as $27 a bottle and you and your friends will think you’re drinking wines costing at least $150 a bottle!